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Sep 18, 2004
Back Again

That's me right up there! I know it isn't one of my best pics but just to give you a little glimpse of the idea of me in eye-liner. I don't wear that hat often because I streaked me hair red. And I'll show you that....... Again, not one of my best red head pics. hehe Anyway, here goes the rest of the story. School started already and I found that there are things more than I thought I have to deal with. My look for this new school year is gothic punkish if you looked closely at it. No, I'm not trying to pose anyway. It is just my own style. Love, well I really don't want to talk about it because either that person is far away or that I will never meet anyone. I'ts so hard to tell what someone feels insided. You know something is wrong about but you can't place your finger on it. It 's freaky if you start thinking about it. I am in the making of creeating a jounral kind of book and you can fine the starting of the book by clicking this link. I'm sorry if the link and the pics don't work. It is so hard to get thtis site to work. I'm trying to find a better blog site if you must know, but eventhough I started other this one is always the easiest to work. Thanks to all who left comments on any of the blogs and lets hope I'll stick with just one. Many of you know now that I stopped cutting and I am not using a rubber band to keep me from cutting. I still go through all the trauma but it is so hard to get out. I can't feel when I go through it. I can't see. The only thing I feel and see is the cuts and blood falling from them. It is so hard to over come and I wouldn't care if I died right now. Well, I am a freshmen in highschool and I'm enjoying a little so far. A lot fo it is what I am epected and some other snot really. I'm not sure if I can make it through all four years of highschool than maybe a four year college too. First, I don't have the money to go through it and my parents can't afford it. It all sucks. Anyway, keeping checking back for updates. Sorry that I didn't update during the summer, btu it was nto that sepcial anyway. Question...what is a poin for a blog to be read my everyone? You're suppose to put your secrets in your journals or diaries.......so, but there are things I don't want everyone to know. What is the point to write in public? And for those who don't know. I changed my name to Louis. So it is Louis now. Louie

Posted at 01:59 pm by Bloodstone
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Jun 6, 2004
Hey all!

Hey all! I just got my journal updated again. A lot has happened to me lately. Now since school is out I am having a little hard time. School is usually my home where I can go to. Without it I have to go to my house and here the yelling and crap. Home isn't really what I expected. Don't get my wrong I mean I hate to do schoolwork, but at least my friend are there. I also had to go through something bumpy for months and it finally came to an end, but I feel to not talk about it. Yes the rumors are tru that I tried to get blood poisoning and that I slit my wrists two times. Another rumor is true that I was cutting myself. If you look closely you can see my scars. I know it was a wrong thing to do and I had help or it. So, i am slowly overcomming from it. I am going to Canada on June 21st then comming back here on June 25th so I will tell you how it goes. My b-day is on June 21st so I won't be here. So if you're my friend reading this...I WANT MY PRESENT SOON....lol hehe :P umm I have so much more I just can't remember any of it.....damnit oh well....c ya all around this summer

Posted at 08:51 pm by Bloodstone
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Apr 16, 2004
A Long Hull

Sorry everyone that I didn't get the chance to write here again. It has been a busy week. I am suppose to write things now as a journal so I decided to take this up again. I don't know how many of you people been here so I am not sure what to say. I made a new friend a month ago. Her name is Carissa and NO we are NOT going out. We never had. We are just good friends. I had a really hectic life so far and really confusing one at that too.  I don't know how many people know what I did to myself so I am just going to say hopfully I will get better and you should not to worry. I was going to take the constitution test today but we got called down from band today so I missed 3rd hour (yay) and 4th hour (yay!). So I got the whole weekend to study for the test. I do not know what else I can say. So I am outy. Call me!

Posted at 08:24 pm by Bloodstone

Mar 14, 2004
My Weekend

Well ym weekend was great but also sad if you ask me. I am seeing my friend that will be going away very soon. So I spent my last two days with her. So my friend and my other firned went out to lunch on last Friday. We went to McDonalds. YAY!! Hehehe Anyway after that we just walked around town creating trouble lol. On Saturday I went to see her again. So i was out in the dark and just wanderin around cause we decided ot get some dinner. So well all went out and got dinner. Again after that we all created trouble lol. Anyway its Sunday and it is around 7:30pm when I am typing this right now on my bed lol. Yes my bed hehehe. Anyway I am listenig to music too cause thats all i have to say lol. I got grounded so thats why I couldn't go anywhere today. Something is happening to me. I am getting scars on my body for some reason. So i don't know about that.

Anyway I hope all your weekends were better.

Posted at 07:24 pm by Bloodstone
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Mar 7, 2004
Something that got me thinking.....

There was something that got me thinking today. My friend told me he wanted me known as something for highscool. I thought about it. What should I be known as through my highschool years? I don't want  to be a nerd cause I am not smart. I don't to be a jock cause I am not sporty. So honestly I do not know. It also matteras how you dress. I don't want to look goth. I want people to know me as a Pagan. How should a pagan dress? I can't come to school in robes. lol Anyway I do not know what I am going to do about it. I guess I got one year to decide about it. Until I talk to yuo all later, I am outy.


P.S. I am still trying to figure out what "servitus a maleficum" means. :)

Posted at 12:44 am by Bloodstone
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Feb 18, 2004
One Way Out~

There is only one way out of this boring school and this dreadful school. I am actually wanting to transferr schools to a private one. Even though this school is a Christian one, I am still going to it I hope. Hoe I will go soon. I want it to be better then people at RMS now. People there are so mean and just because I am different doesn't make you the same like everyone else. Take the advice from me. Anyway don't mess with me any further you don't want to put up with me....trust me.  I have a poem I want to share so read it:

Eventhough I am different from you,

doesn't mean I can't be honest or true

There may be lies spread about me

It doesn't bother me, can't you see?

So stop what you are doing,

It won't help where you will be going.

So quit now while you have a life.

Instead of a heart filled with silver.

I am not going crazy

but you are still too lazy

To see that I can make me own world

My own seen my own life and place

I can create my own space.

If you keep taunting you will go nowhere

You will stay in one place and stare.

So let me run my life my way

either be my friend and stay

or go to hell and pay.

Talk to you all later that care about me. Thanks.

Posted at 09:26 pm by Bloodstone
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Feb 14, 2004
I forgot!!!!

I am so sorry I forgot about my blog!!!!!! lol Anyway its Valentines today. Have nothing to do :( Might go see a movie with my friends. So tell me what you did today!

Posted at 11:53 am by Bloodstone
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Jan 17, 2004
Steak Day!

Well today was not interesting at all. I just sat around all day. I did go to a nice resturant with me parents for dinner. I ate steak. lol That is all I am thinking about today is training. I am thinking more about training. I can't wait to get soem daggers. I got to go check the weather for tommorrow for hunting.

Your Friend,


Posted at 09:23 pm by Bloodstone
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Jan 15, 2004

Hey! Sorry I didn't get in a entry yesterday, I kind have forgotten about the blog. Anyway we have no school tommorrow. Lets celebrate, even thoughI don't know what we are celebrating for. I actually don't know what to say. Everything is going slow. So I am outy. If you want to talk to me over AiM my screen name is: TwstdFrk2

Posted at 08:28 pm by Bloodstone
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Jan 13, 2004
Tuesday the Terrible

Hey y'all!

Was up every one? Wait oh yea you can't answer me. Today was the long and boring. Like anny other days at school. I am so glad we get Friday off. Even though I don't know why. lol Anway, I don't even know why I signed up for the competitive side in P.E. No is going to pass me the ball. I wish could have picked out own teams then maybe I would have joined more. Science exam was aweful! Well, I knew some of the stuff. I don't know what to tell you else. Nothing happened today. Just plain boring school days. Oh, one more thing, those research papers on the World War 2 and the topic of out choice is over doing us. We can't do two research papers in a row! Oh well, we are forced to do it anyway.

Outta Here,

Posted at 04:17 pm by Bloodstone

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